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Pre-Installed Software Flaw Exposes Most Dell Computers to Remote Hacking

If you use a Dell computer, then beware — hackers could compromise your system remotely. Bill Demirkapi, a 17-year-old independent security researcher, has discovered a critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Dell SupportAssist utility that comes pre-installed on most Dell computers. Dell SupportAssist, formerly known as Dell System Detect, checks the health of your […]

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Fingerprint glitch in passports swapped left and right hands

by Lisa Vaas True, we accidentally swapped fingerprints for Danish citizens’ left and right hands on their passports, but it probably won’t cause much grief for these 228,000 people, said the head of Kube Data, which encoded the biometric data on the passports’ microprocessors. The Copenhagen Post quoted Jonathan Jørgensen: It’s difficult to imagine that […]

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Microsoft’s Work with Chinese Military University Raises Eyebrows

Microsoft has been collaborating with researchers linked to a Chinese military-backed university on artificial intelligence, elevating concerns that US firms are contributing to China’s high-tech surveillance and censorship apparatus. Over the past year, researchers at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing have co-authored at least three papers with scholars affiliated with China’s National University of Defence […]

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Dark Web TLS/SSL Certificates Highlight Need for Shift to Zero Trust Security

More and more, organizations and end users are embracing encryption to protect their data and traffic. By far the most visible part of this adaptation is the use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for accessing websites. As opposed to the more basic HTTP, which is the plain text version, HTTPS makes use of Transport […]


Microsoft Patches Windows Privilege Escalation Flaws Exploited in Attacks

Microsoft has fixed over 70 vulnerabilities with its April 2019 Patch Tuesday updates, including two Windows zero-day flaws that allow an attacker to escalate privileges on a compromised system. The actively exploited flaws, tracked as CVE-2019-0803 and CVE-2019-0859, appear similar — the security advisories published by Microsoft are nearly identical. They are both caused due […]

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Microsoft Releases First Preview Builds of Chromium-based Edge Browser

Microsoft today finally released the first new reborn version of its Edge browser that the company rebuilds from scratch using Chromium engine, the same open-source web rendering engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser. However, the Chromium-based Edge browser builds haven’t yet entered the stable or even the beta release; instead, Microsoft has released two testing-purpose […]

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Cloudflare Launches New HTTPS Interception Detection Tools

Security services provider Cloudflare on Monday announced the release of two new tools related to HTTPS interception detection.  Occurring at times when the TLS connection between a browser and a server is not direct, but goes through a proxy or middlebox, HTTPS interception can result in third-parties accessing the transmitted encrypted content.  There are several […]