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Parrot Security 4.7 – Security GNU/Linux Distribution Designed with Cloud Pentesting and IoT Security in Mind

Parrot is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian Testing and designed with Security, Development and Privacy in mind. It includes a full portable laboratory for security and digital forensics experts, but it also includes all you need to develop your own software or protect your privacy while surfing the net. Documentation User Guide Getting Started […]

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Kali NetHunter App Store – The New Android Store Dedicated to Free Security Apps

The Kali NetHunter App Store is a one-stop-shop for security relevant Android applications. It is the ultimate alternative to the Google Play store for any Android device, whether rooted or not, NetHunter or stock. If you are after any security application for your Android device, the NetHunter Store will be the place to get it. […]


Userrecon v1.1.0 – Recognition Usernames In 187 Social Networks

Find usernames in 187 social networks. Installation Install dependencies (Debian/Ubuntu): sudo apt install python3 python3-pip Install with pip3: sudo -H pip3 install git+ –help Building from SourceClone this repository, and: git clone ; cd userrecon-pysudo -H pip3 install -r requirements.txtpython3 buildsudo python3 install UpdateTo update this tool to the latest version, run: […]


Detect It Easy – Program For Determining Types Of Files For Windows, Linux And MacOS

Detect It Easy, or abbreviated “DIE” is a program for determining types of files. “DIE” is a cross-platform application, apart from Windows version there are also available versions for Linux and Mac OS. Many programs of the kind (PEID, PE tools) allow to use third-party signatures. Unfortunately, those signatures scan only bytes by the pre-set […]


JShielder v2.4 – Hardening Script For Linux Servers/ Secure LAMP-LEMP Deployer/ CIS Benchmark G

JSHielder is an Open Source Bash Script developed to help SysAdmin and developers secure there Linux Servers in which they will be deploying any web application or services. This tool automates the process of installing all the necessary packages to host a web application and Hardening a Linux server with little interaction from the user. […]


Project iKy v2.0.0 – Tool That Collects Information From An Email And Shows Results In A Nice Visual Interface

Project iKy is a tool that collects information from an email and shows results in a nice visual interface. Visit the Gitlab Page of the Project Project First of all we want to advice you that we have changed the Frontend from AngularJS to Angular 7. For this reason we left the project with AngularJS […]


Passpie – Multiplatform Command-Line Password Manager

Passpie is a command line tool to manage passwords from the terminal with a colorful and configurable interface. Use a master passphrase to decrypt login credentials, copy passwords to clipboard, syncronize with a git repository, check the state of your passwords, and more.Password files are encrypted using GnuPG and saved into yaml text files. Passpie […]


Pown-Duct – Essential Tool For Finding Blind Injection Attacks

Essential tool for finding blind injection attacks using DNS side-channels. CreditsThis tool is part of open-source initiative. ___ ___ ___ _ ___ ___ ___ / __| __/ __| /_\ | _ \ _ \/ __| \__ \ _| (__ / _ \| _/ _/\__ \ |___/___\___/_/ \_\_| |_| |___/ NB: This tool is […]

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Dwarf – Full Featured Multi Arch/Os Debugger Built On Top Of PyQt5 And Frida

A debugger for reverse engineers, crackers and security analyst. Or you can call it damn, why are raspberries so fluffy or yet, duck warriors are rich as fuck. Whatever you like! Built on top of pyqt5, frida and some terrible code. Checkout the website for features, api and examplesCHANGELOG Something you can do with Dwarf […]


Ghostfuscator – The Python Password-Protected Obfuscator Using AES Encryption

Obfuscate python scripts making them password-protected using AES EncryptionUsageJust execute the script, and follow the menu. InfoOnce an script is obfuscated, when running it a password asking prompt will appear, after submiting the correct password, the script will execute decrypting it’s decrypted content in the memory Download Ghostfuscator