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Scavenger – Crawler Searching For Credential Leaks On Different Paste Sites

Just the code of my OSINT bot searching for sensitive data leaks on different paste sites.Search terms: credentials private RSA keys WordPress configuration files MySQL connect strings onion links links to files hosted inside the onion network (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX) Keep in mind: This bot is not beautiful. The code is not complete […]

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The 2019 DBIR is out

Once again, we are happy to support a large, voluntary, collaborative effort like the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. While our data contribution is completely anonymous, it is based in some of the 2018 data set that our private report customers receive from our efforts to protect all of our customers against every type of […]

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Ongoing Credit Card Data Leak

DNSMon is a network-wide DNS malicious domain analysis system we build here at 360Netlab. With the 10%+ total DNS traffic coverage in China, plus the other multi-dimensional security data and security analysis capabilities we have accumulated over the years, we can “see” what is happening in the whole network in real time from a unique […]

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Cyberattack Cripples Baltimore’s Government Computer Servers

Baltimore’s government on Tuesday rushed to shut down most of its computer servers after its network was hit by a ransomware virus. Officials believe it has not touched critical public safety systems. Agents with the FBI’s cyber squad were helping city technology employees try to determine the source and extent of the cyberattack. Baltimore Mayor […]


Popular Online Tutoring Marketplace ‘Wyzant’ Suffers Data Breach

Wyzant—an online marketplace that makes it easy for parents and students to connect with private tutors, in-person and online, in over 250 different subjects—has suffered a data breach exposing “certain personal identification information” for its customers. The Hacker News received a copy of an email notification Wyzant recently sent to its affected customers, which reveals […]

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Fingerprint glitch in passports swapped left and right hands

by Lisa Vaas True, we accidentally swapped fingerprints for Danish citizens’ left and right hands on their passports, but it probably won’t cause much grief for these 228,000 people, said the head of Kube Data, which encoded the biometric data on the passports’ microprocessors. The Copenhagen Post quoted Jonathan Jørgensen: It’s difficult to imagine that […]

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Washington State Legislature Passes New Data Breach Law

The Washington legislature has passed a bill that effectively expands the state’s consumer data breach notification requirements. The Washington State Capitol (Source: Wikipedia)Previously, Washington-based organizations needed to notify consumers of a data breach only in the event that the security incident exposed users’ names in combination with their Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, state […]

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G7 Comes Out in Favor of Encryption Backdoors

From a G7 meeting of interior ministers in Paris this month, an “outcome document“: Encourage Internet companies to establish lawful access solutions for their products and services, including data that is encrypted, for law enforcement and competent authorities to access digital evidence, when it is removed or hosted on IT servers located abroad or encrypted, […]

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Healthcare Firm EmCare Says 60,000 Employees and Patients Exposed in Breach

Dallas, Texas-based firm EmCare Inc disclosed on Saturday that a number of employees’ email accounts had been accessed, potentially exposing personal information of almost 60,000 people, including 31,000 patients. EmCare, part of Envision Healthcare, provides outsourced physician services to hospitals around the U.S. It has more than 700 practices at locations ranging from major hospitals […]

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Home Office Apologises For EU Citizen Data Breach

The Home Office has apologised to hundreds of EU citizens seeking settled status in the UK after accidentally sharing their details.  It blamed an “administrative error” for sending an email that revealed 240 personal email addresses – a likely breach of the Data Protection Act.  The Home Office sent the email on Sunday 7 April asking applicants, who […]