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Fsmon – Monitor Filesystem On iOS / OS X / Android / FirefoxOS / Linux

FileSystem Monitor utility that runs on Linux, Android, iOS and OSX.Brought to you by Sergi Àlvarez at Nowsecure and distributed under the MIT license.Contact: [email protected] tool retrieves file system events from a specific directory and shows them in colorful format or in JSON.It is possible to filter the events happening from a specific program name […]

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EMAGNET – Tool For Find Leaked Databases With 97.1% Accurate To Grab Mail + Password Together From Pastebin Leaks

Emagnet is a very powerful tool for it’s purpose wich is to capture email addresses and passwords from leaked databases uploaded on pastebin. It’s almost impossible to find leaked passwords when they are out of list on Either they have been deleted by pastebin’s techs or the uploads is just one in the crowd. […]


EVABS – Extremely Vulnerable Android Labs

An open source Android application that is intentionally vulnerable so as to act as a learning platform for Android application security beginners. The effort is to introduce beginners with very limited or zero knowledge to some of the major and commonly found real-world based Android application vulnerabilities in a story-based, interactive model. EVABS follows a […]

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Hacktronian – All In One Hacking Tool For Linux & Android

***Pentesing Tools That All Hacker Needs.*** HACKTRONIAN Menu : Information Gathering Password Attacks Wireless Testing Exploitation Tools Sniffing & Spoofing Web Hacking Private Web Hacking Post Exploitation Install The HACKTRONIAN Information Gathering: Nmap Setoolkit Port Scanning Host To IP wordpress user CMS scanner XSStrike Dork – Google Dorks Passive Vulnerability Auditor Scan A server’s Users […]


Truegaze – Static Analysis Tool For Android/iOS Apps Focusing On Security Issues Outside The Source Code

A static analysis tool for Android and iOS applications focusing on security issues outside the source code such as resource strings, third party libraries and configuration files. RequirementsPython 3 is required and you can find all required modules in the requirements.txt file. Only tested on Python 3.7 but should work on other 3.x releases. No […]

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HiddenEye – Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality (Android-Support-Available)

Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality PHISHING | KEYLOGGER | INFORMATION_COLLECTOR | ALL_IN_ONE_TOOL | SOCIALENGINEERING DEVELOPERS & CONTRIBUTORS ANONUD4Y ( USAMA ABDUL SATTAR ( sTiKyt ( UNDEADSEC ( Micrafast ( ___________ (WAITING FOR YOU) SCREENSHOT (Android-Userland) CREDIT:- Anonud4y ( I don’t remember if i have done Anything ) Usama ( A Most active Developer) sTiKyt […]

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Kali NetHunter App Store – The New Android Store Dedicated to Free Security Apps

The Kali NetHunter App Store is a one-stop-shop for security relevant Android applications. It is the ultimate alternative to the Google Play store for any Android device, whether rooted or not, NetHunter or stock. If you are after any security application for your Android device, the NetHunter Store will be the place to get it. […]

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Dwarf – Full Featured Multi Arch/Os Debugger Built On Top Of PyQt5 And Frida

A debugger for reverse engineers, crackers and security analyst. Or you can call it damn, why are raspberries so fluffy or yet, duck warriors are rich as fuck. Whatever you like! Built on top of pyqt5, frida and some terrible code. Checkout the website for features, api and examplesCHANGELOG Something you can do with Dwarf […]


Objection v1.6.6 – Runtime Mobile Exploration

objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit, powered by Frida. It was built with the aim of helping assess mobile applications and their security posture without the need for a jailbroken or rooted mobile device.Note: This is not some form of jailbreak / root bypass. By using objection, you are still limited by all of […]


Simplify – Generic Android Deobfuscator

Simplify virtually executes an app to understand its behavior and then tries to optimize the code so that it behaves identically but is easier for a human to understand. Each optimization type is simple and generic, so it doesn’t matter what the specific type of obfuscation is used.Before and AfterThe code on the left is […]