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Kali NetHunter App Store – The New Android Store Dedicated to Free Security Apps

The Kali NetHunter App Store is a one-stop-shop for security relevant Android applications. It is the ultimate alternative to the Google Play store for any Android device, whether rooted or not, NetHunter or stock. If you are after any security application for your Android device, the NetHunter Store will be the place to get it. […]

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Dwarf – Full Featured Multi Arch/Os Debugger Built On Top Of PyQt5 And Frida

A debugger for reverse engineers, crackers and security analyst. Or you can call it damn, why are raspberries so fluffy or yet, duck warriors are rich as fuck. Whatever you like! Built on top of pyqt5, frida and some terrible code. Checkout the website for features, api and examplesCHANGELOG Something you can do with Dwarf […]


Objection v1.6.6 – Runtime Mobile Exploration

objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit, powered by Frida. It was built with the aim of helping assess mobile applications and their security posture without the need for a jailbroken or rooted mobile device.Note: This is not some form of jailbreak / root bypass. By using objection, you are still limited by all of […]


Simplify – Generic Android Deobfuscator

Simplify virtually executes an app to understand its behavior and then tries to optimize the code so that it behaves identically but is easier for a human to understand. Each optimization type is simple and generic, so it doesn’t matter what the specific type of obfuscation is used.Before and AfterThe code on the left is […]


Yaazhini – Free Android APK & API Vulnerability Scanner

Yaazhini is a free vulnerability scanner for android APK and API. It is a user-friendly tool that you can easily scan any APK and API of android application and find the vulnerabilities. Yaazhini includes vulnerability scan of API, the vulnerability of APK and reporting section to generate a report. System Requirements Operating Systems Mac OSX(64bit), […]


LiveHiddenCamera – Library Which Record Live Video And Audio From Android Device Without Displaying A Preview

Live Hidden Camera (LHC) is a library which record live video and audio from Android device without displaying a preview.How to useI’ve created a library to make it more usable. The only requirement is to add the library to your project and pass the Rtmp URL to it.Additionally you should care about: Your application should […]


ANDRAX v3 – The First And Unique Penetration Testing Platform For Android Smartphones

ANDRAX The first and unique Penetration Testing platform for Android smartphones.Thanks to Jessica Helena she made ANDRAX v3 possible. What is ANDRAX ANDRAX is a penetration testing platform developed specifically for Android smartphones, ANDRAX has the ability to run natively on Android so it behaves like a common Linux distribution, But more powerful than a […]


Hackuna – The First Mobile App to Track Hackers

Cryptors, a cyber security company, invented a mobile app called HACKUNA (Anti-Hack) that can block and detect these WiFi hackers. The exciting part here is, you can also track the hackers within the area. It will give you all the details you need to find the hacker within the area or to report it to […]

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EasySploit – Metasploit Automation (EASIER And FASTER Than EVER)

EasySploit v3.1 (Linux) – Metasploit automation (EASIER and FASTER than EVER) Options:(1) Windows –> test.exe (payload and listener)(2) Android –> test.apk (payload and listener)(3) Linux –> (payload and listener)(4) MacOS –> test.jar (payload and listener)(5) Web –> test.php (payload and listener)(6) Scan if a target is vulnerable to ms17_010(7) Exploit Windows 7/2008 x64 ONLY […]

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Google Makes it Tough for Rogue App Developers Get Back on Android Play Store

Even after Google’s security oversight over its already-huge Android ecosystem has evolved over the years, malware apps still keep coming back to Google Play Store. Sometimes just reposting an already detected malware app from a newly created Play Store account, or using other developers’ existing accounts, is enough for ‘bad-faith’ developers to trick the Play […]