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Facebook Anticipates an FTC Privacy Fine of up to $5 Billion

Facebook said it expects a fine of up to $5 billion from the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating whether the social network violated its users’ privacy. The company set aside $3 billion in its quarterly earnings report Wednesday as a contingency against the possible penalty but noted that the “matter remains unresolved.” The one-time […]

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Five Hot Button Cybersecurity Conversations that Dominated Cisco Live Melbourne

Last month, I attended our biggest-ever Cisco Live Melbourne that saw over 8,300 people registered. It was an action-packed week filled with partner and customer meetings, media engagements, analyst dialogues, and coffee, lots of coffee. They say it takes a village to pull something this incredible off, and I have to agree. We kicked off […]

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Cyber Security Skills Shortage Hampering Internet Of Things Development

New research from Experis explores the impact of Internet of Things on the cyber security jobs market  UK businesses are struggling to find the right blend of security skills to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). This is according to the latest Experis Industry Insiders report, which examines how the growth of IoT is impacting the […]


Congress Asks Google 10 Questions On Its Location Tracking Database

U.S. Congress has sent an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai asking for more information about its Sensorvault database that’s reportedly being used by law enforcement agencies to solve crime cases. Last week, we reported a story based upon NY Times findings that revealed how using a “geofence” warrant, authorities obtain location history of […]

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Ex-student records himself using USB Killer to fry college computers

by Danny Bradbury Malware isn’t the only toxin you can deliver to a computer via a USB key. Just ask Vishwanath Akuthota, who faces a potential ten-year stretch after frying at least 66 computers at his former college. Akuthota originally pled not guilty to intentionally damaging a protected computer at the College of St. Rose, in […]

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A Hotspot Finder App Exposed 2 Million Wi-Fi Network Passwords

It has been reported that that a popular hotspot finder app for Android exposed the Wi-Fi network passwords for more than two million networks. The app allowed anyone to search for Wi-Fi networks in their nearby area. The app allows the user to upload Wi-Fi network passwords from their devices to its database for others to use.  Experts Comments:  […]

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Marcus “MalwareTech” Hutchins Pleads Guilty to Writing, Selling Banking Malware

Marcus Hutchins, a 24-year-old blogger and malware researcher arrested in 2017 for allegedly authoring and selling malware designed to steal online banking credentials, has pleaded guilty to criminal charges of conspiracy and to making, selling or advertising illegal wiretapping devices. Marcus Hutchins, just after he was revealed as the security expert who stopped the WannaCry […]

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Chipotle Breach – Cequence Expert Comments

Customers of fast food chain Chipotle are reported by TechCrunch to have had their accounts hacked. The company says it believes credential stuffing might be the cause, but some customers have said their passwords are unique to the Chipotle account, and others note that they don’t have accounts and used Chipotle’s guest checkout.   Ameya Talwalkar, Co-founder and CPO at Cequence: “Without fully […]

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Explained – APT34 Code Leak

Hackers, going by the online name of Lab Dookhtegan, have revealed details about the inner workings of a cyber-espionage group mostly known in the security community as OilRig, APT34, and HelixKitten, linked to the Iranian government.   Alexander Heid, White Hat Hacker and Chief Research Officer at SecurityScorecard: “Now that these scripts are public, they will likely be leveraged by cybercriminal groups […]

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Mobile Security Versus Desktop and Laptop Security: Is There Even a Difference Anymore?

Do you remember your first mobile phone, and the newfound feelings of connectedness and convenience that came with it? I was one of the first in my circles to have a cellular phone. One of the coolest features my phone and network could support was the receipt of short email messages — no send capabilities. […]

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The Weather Channel Suffers Ransomware Attack

Local and national weather forecast provider The Weather Channel suffered a ransomware attack that temporarily prevented it from going live on the air. Regular viewers got a surprise when they tuned into The Weather Channel on the morning of 18 April. They were expecting to watch “AMHQ,” the network’s live morning show which begins at […]

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The Ping Is The Thing: Popular HTML5 Feature Used To Trick Chinese Mobile Users Into Joining Latest DDoS Attack.

By Vitaly Simonovich and Dima Bekerman DDoS attacks have always been a major threat to network infrastructure and web applications. Attackers are always creating new ways to exploit legitimate services for malicious purposes, forcing us to constantly research DDoS attacks in our CDN to build advanced mitigations. We recently investigated a DDoS attack which was […]

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Wipro Intruders Targeted Other Major IT Firms

The crooks responsible for launching phishing campaigns that netted dozens of employees and more than 100 computer systems last month at Wipro, India’s third-largest IT outsourcing firm, also appear to have targeted a number of other competing providers, including Infosys and Cognizant, new evidence suggests. The clues so far suggest the work of a fairly […]

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New DNS Hijacking Attacks

DNS hijacking isn’t new, but this seems to be an attack of unprecedented scale: Researchers at Cisco’s Talos security division on Wednesday revealed that a hacker group it’s calling Sea Turtle carried out a broad campaign of espionage via DNS hijacking, hitting 40 different organizations. In the process, they went so far as to compromise […]

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State Launches Online Data Survey as Part of Facebook Probe

The Cuomo administration has launched a survey to give New Yorkers an opportunity to provide feedback about online data privacy issues. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that information provided through an online consumer data privacy survey will help state regulators make policy decisions regarding the internet marketplace and how personal data is used by […]

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Hackers Access Microsoft Email Services Accounts

Hackers breached Microsoft email services (Outlook.com, Hotmail, MSN) and accessed user accounts after compromising a support agent’s credentials, Microsoft has confirmed. In a breach notification sent to impacted users, the software giant revealed that hackers had access to its email services for roughly three months this year, between January 1 and March 28. Microsoft informed […]

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Increased Internet Regulations in The U.K.

Making the internet safer, especially for children and vulnerable individuals, is a decidedly noble pursuit. Doing so, however, would certainly be a considerable undertaking, and not without significant ethical, legal, and societal concerns. In an ambitious effort to make the internet a safer place for people to interact and communicate, the UK government has laid […]

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Hackers Compromise Microsoft Support Agent to Access Outlook Email Accounts

If you have an account with Microsoft Outlook email service, there is a possibility that your account information has been compromised by an unknown hacker or group of hackers, Microsoft confirmed The Hacker News. Earlier this year, hackers managed to breach Microsoft’s customer support portal and access information related to some email accounts registered with […]

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Bitcoin, WikiLeaks, & Julian Assange – Paul’s Security Weekly #600

[embedded content] In the news, Bitcoin mining ban considered by China’s economic planner, Yahoo strikes $117.5 million data breach settlement, Serious flaws leave WPA3 vulnerable to hacks that steal Wi-Fi passwords, WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange arrested and charged in US with computer hacking conspiracy, and How HTML5 Ping Is Used in DDoS Attacks. Paul’s Stories […]


Merissa & Jessica, WSC – Paul’s Security Weekly #600

[embedded content] Merissa Villalobos is the North America Talent Acquisition Leader for NCC Group, a global security consulting firm and has been recruiting in security for 10 years. She got her start in Virginia, at a Federal Government contractor, filling roles for the intelligence community and various Government Agencies. Jessica Gulick leads Katzcy Consulting, a […]

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Russia Fines Facebook $47 Over Citizens’ Data Privacy Dispute

Yes, you read that right! Russia has fined Facebook with 3,000 rubles, roughly $47, for not complying with the country’s controversial Data Localization law. It’s bizarre and unbelievable, but true. In December last year, Russian Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor sent notifications to Twitter and Facebook asking them to provide information about the location of servers that […]

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Microsoft Introduces Security Configuration Framework

A security configuration framework for Windows 10 unveiled by Microsoft this week defines five different levels of discrete prescriptive security configurations. Having customers define this aspect of their security until now has resulted in a huge number of configurations, and Microsoft is now looking to simplify the process while still providing customers with flexibility. The […]

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Microsoft Introduces Security Configuration Framework

A security configuration framework for Windows 10 unveiled by Microsoft this week defines five different levels of discrete prescriptive security configurations. Having customers define this aspect of their security until now has resulted in a huge number of configurations, and Microsoft is now looking to simplify the process while still providing customers with flexibility. The […]

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Many New Security Features, Services Added to Google Cloud

Google Boosts Security of Google Cloud Google this week announced a series of tools meant to increase the overall security of Google Cloud and improve customer trust in the service. The new functionality will allow users to gain better visibility into their environments, detect threats and accelerate response and remediation, mitigate data exfiltration risks, ensure […]

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Android 7.0+ Phones Can Now Double as Google Security Keys

Google this week made it easier for Android users to enable strong 2-factor authentication (2FA) when logging into Google’s various services. The company announced that all phones running Android 7.0 and higher can now be used as Security Keys, an additional authentication layer that helps thwart phishing sites and password theft. As first disclosed by […]


Popular Video Editing Software Website Hacked to Spread Banking Trojan

If you have downloaded the VSDC multimedia editing software between late February to late March this year, there are high chances that your computer has been infected with a banking trojan and an information stealer. The official website of the VSDC software — one of the most popular, free video editing and converting app with […]

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Dark Web TLS/SSL Certificates Highlight Need for Shift to Zero Trust Security

More and more, organizations and end users are embracing encryption to protect their data and traffic. By far the most visible part of this adaptation is the use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for accessing websites. As opposed to the more basic HTTP, which is the plain text version, HTTPS makes use of Transport […]

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Researchers Uncover New Version Of The Infamous Flame Malware

Flame, the nation-state-developed malware kit that targeted computers in Iran, has reemerged after going quiet when researchers exposed it back in 2012. The attackers tried to hide their tracks by scrubbing servers used to talk to infected computers. Some thought they had seen the last of the potent malware platform.  Tracing early components of Flame, researchers found a new […]

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Gmail making email more secure with MTA-STS standard

Posted by Nicolas Lidzborski, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud and Nicolas Kardas, Senior Product Manager, Google Cloud  We’re excited to announce that Gmail will become the first major email provider to follow the new SMTP MTA Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) RFC 8461 and SMTP TLS Reporting RFC 8460 internet standards. Those new email security standards […]

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Project TajMahal – a sophisticated new APT framework

Executive summary ‘TajMahal’ is a previously unknown and technically sophisticated APT framework discovered by Kaspersky Lab in the autumn of 2018. This full-blown spying framework consists of two packages named ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Yokohama’. It includes backdoors, loaders, orchestrators, C2 communicators, audio recorders, keyloggers, screen and webcam grabbers, documents and cryptography key stealers, and even its […]


Patch Tuesday Lowdown, April 2019 Edition

Microsoft today released fifteen software updates to fix more than 70 unique security vulnerabilities in various flavors of its Windows operating systems and supported software, including at least two zero-day bugs. These patches apply to Windows, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge browsers, Office, Sharepoint and Exchange. Separately, Adobe has issued security updates for Acrobat/Reader and Flash Player. […]


Apache Bug, Cancer Hack, & Ekran – Hack Naked News #213

[embedded content] In-Depth Analysis of JS Sniffers Uncovers New Families of Credit Card-Skimming Code, Nvidia Fixes 8 High-Severity Flaws Allowing DoS, Code Execution, Computer virus alters cancer scan images, A Serious Apache server bug gives root to baddies in shared host environments, Cybercrime Groups Are Still Rampant on Facebook, 90% of OT organizations are cyberattack […]

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Hackers Can Add, Remove Cancer From CT Scans: Researchers

A team of researchers has demonstrated that hackers can modify 3D medical scans to add or remove evidence of a serious illness, such as cancer. Experts from the Ben-Gurion University and the Soroka University Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, in Israel have developed proof-of-concept (PoC) malware that uses a machine learning technique known as generative adversarial network […]


Alleged Chief of Romanian ATM Skimming Gang Arrested in Mexico

An alleged top boss of a Romanian crime syndicate that U.S. authorities say is responsible for deploying card-skimming devices at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) throughout North America was arrested in Mexico last week on firearms charges. The arrest comes months after the accused allegedly ordered the execution of a former bodyguard who was trying to […]


NVIDIA Patches High Severity Flaws in Tegra Drivers

NVIDIA this week released security patches to address multiple vulnerabilities in the Tegra Linux Driver Package (L4T), including several flaws assessed with a “high” severity rating. The most important of the bugs is CVE‑2018‑6269, a vulnerability residing in the Tegra kernel driver (the issue features a CVSS score of 8.8). It affects the input/output control […]

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Stalkerware was installed in 58,000 Android users phones last year.

Over 58,000 Android users had “stalkerware” installed on their phones last year, researchers from Kaspersky Lab have revealed today. Of these, more than 35,000 had no idea about stalkerware being present on their Android devices until they installed Kasperksy’s mobile antivirus, which flagged the infection. Kaspersky’s findings come to confirm a growing trend in the […]

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BasBanke: Trend-setting Brazilian banking Trojan

BasBanke is a new Android malware family targeting Brazilian users. It is a banking Trojan built to steal financial data such as credentials and credit/debit card numbers, but not limited to this functionality. The propagation of this threat began during the 2018 Brazilian elections, registering over 10,000 installations to April 2019 from the official Google […]

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XLoader Trojan Poses as Security App for Android

A new variant of the XLoader Trojan is targeting Android devices by posing as a security application, and also attempts to infect iPhones and iPads through a malicious iOS profile, Trend Micro reports.  Previously, the malware was observed posing as Facebook, Chrome, and other legitimate applications, in an attempt to trick users into downloading it. […]

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540M Facebook Records Exposed on Amazon Servers | Avast

 Here we go again… Half a billion Facebook records including user names, passwords and likes posted publicly online. Facebook strikes again. In the latest security gaffe by the social media giant, over half a billion Facebook records have been found sitting in plain sight by third parties using Amazon’s cloud services. None of the cloud […]

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Millions of card details stolen from Earl Enterprises Restaurants

More than a few restaurant-goers in the US will want to check their bank statements. Earl Enterprises has confirmed that hackers used point-of-sale malware to scoop up credit and card data at some of its US restaurants. It happened between May 2018 and March 2019. Including restaurants are all Buca di Beppo locations, a few […]


What Hacker History Can Tell Enterprises About Future Attack Strategy

There’s an oft-quoted saying: “History repeats itself.” For those that believe in the cyclical patterns that sometimes emerge over time, this aphorism definitely rings true. Today, we’ll be applying this type of thinking to the cybercrime realm. Over the course of hacker history, numerous trends have arisen, including those that hinge upon sophisticated approaches to […]

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Ransomware Attack Forces Aluminum Manufacturer to Shutdown Systems Worldwide

Photo by Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix One of the world’s largest producers of aluminum has been forced to shut down several of its plants across Europe and the U.S. after an “extensive cyber attack” hit its operations, leaving companies’ IT systems unusable. According to a press release shared by Aluminum giant Norsk Hydro today, […]

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DARPA Is Developing an Open-Source Voting System

This sounds like a good development: …a new $10 million contract the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched to design and build a secure voting system that it hopes will be impervious to hacking. The first-of-its-kind system will be designed by an Oregon-based firm called Galois, a longtime government contractor with […]

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Ad Network Sizmek Probes Account Breach

Online advertising firm Sizmek Inc. [NASDAQ: SZMK] says it is investigating a security incident in which a hacker was reselling access to a user account with the ability to modify ads and analytics for a number of big-name advertisers. In a recent posting to a Russian-language cybercrime forum, an individual who’s been known to sell access […]

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Patch Tuesday, March 2019 Edition

Microsoft on Tuesday pushed out software updates to fix more than five dozen security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer, Edge, Office and Sharepoint. If you (ab)use Microsoft products, it’s time once again to start thinking about getting your patches on. Malware or bad guys can remotely exploit roughly one-quarter of the flaws […]

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Insert Skimmer + Camera Cover PIN Stealer

Very often the most clever component of your typical ATM skimming attack is the hidden pinhole camera used to record customers entering their PINs. These little video bandits can be hidden 100 different ways, but they’re frequently disguised as ATM security features — such as an extra PIN pad privacy cover, or an all-in-one skimmer […]


Thunder, thunder, thunder… Thunderclap: Feel the magic, hear the roar, macOS, Windows pwnage tools are loose

Open memory defenses allow mischief from connected kit Analysis  Computers have enough trouble defending sensitive data in memory from prying eyes that you might think it would be unwise to provide connected peripherals with direct memory access (DMA).… …


When the bits hit the FAN: US military accused of knackering Russian trolls, news org’s IT gear amid midterm elections

Despite fried RAID and deleted hard drives, Federal News Agency calls US Cyber Command attack a failure A Russian new service is claiming that US attacks on it and an organisation accused of state-sponsored trolling has left storage systems damaged and international servers wiped after multiple malware attacks.… …

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CSA and Whistic Unveil Streamlined Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ)

Beta release of CAIQ-Lite, based on Whistic and CSA research, available for community review Seattle – March 1, 2019 –The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment, and Whistic, the Complete Vendor Security Assessment Platform, today announced […]

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National Geographic Channel Tonight: Pwnie Express’s Jayson E. Street Breaks into Banks Designed To Keep Him Out

Not all hackers are bad guys. After all, a hacker is simply someone who figures how to repurpose a tool, a gadget, or a device to carry out a task the object wasn’t designed to do. Steve Wozniak was a hacker before he co-created Apple. Tesla, Turing, and DaVinci, are all hackers in their own […]


Vuln: Atlassian Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center Directory Traversal Vulnerability

Vulnerable: Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.14.2Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.14Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.13.3Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.13Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.12.3Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.12Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.11Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.10Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.9Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.8Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.7Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.6.12Atlassian Confluence Data Center 6.6Atlassian Confluence […]


NAXSI – An Open-Source, High Performance, Low Rules Maintenance WAF For NGINX

NAXSI means Nginx Anti XSS & SQL Injection. Technically, it is a third party nginx module, available as a package for many UNIX-like platforms. This module, by default, reads a small subset of simple (and readable) rules containing 99% of known patterns involved in website vulnerabilities. For example, <, | or drop are not supposed […]


Ttyd – Share Your Terminal Over The Web

ttyd is a simple command-line tool for sharing terminal over the web, inspired by GoTTY. Features Built on top of Libwebsockets with C for speed Fully-featured terminal based on Xterm.js with CJK and IME support Graphical ZMODEM integration with lrzsz support SSL support based on OpenSSL Run any custom command with options Basic authentication support […]


drAFL – AFL + DynamoRIO = Fuzzing Binaries With No Source Code On Linux

Original AFL supports black-box coverage-guided fuzzing using QEMU mode. I highly recommend to try it first and if it doesn’t work you can try this tool.UsageYou need to specify DRRUN_PATH to point to drrun launcher and LIBCOV_PATH to point to libbinafl.so coverage library. You also need to switch off AFL’s fork server (AFL_NO_FORKSRV=1) and probably […]